Getting a Woman to Notice You: 5 Tips That Work

Getting a woman to notice you: how the heck do you accomplish the goal? So many texts have been written about it and most of them feature conflicting information!

Expressiveness and strong emotional response are most often the key characteristics of the female psyche. Women are so emotional that to impress them, men need to focus on small but unique signs and tokens of attention and interest.

Trying to figure out what will get a woman to notice you often requires some research. Forget about universal tips and start learning more about the person you would like to impress.

Men rarely appear as knights on white horses. An average man has his average body, interests and lifestyle. An average man can still be successful with the opposite sex. Why? Simply because women are usually swept off their feet by charm and intelligence, rather than by macho displays.

Be Understanding and Compassionate

Figuring out a woman and showing understanding are the first steps towards becoming more attractive to a lady. Learn what she likes. Does she like clubbing or is she more into sophisticated restaurant dinners? Does she prefer romantic comedies or thrillers? Demonstrating knowledge about her preferences will earn you some points.

Be compassionate and inquire about her tastes and preferences. Even if you made a mistake listen to her and correct what you have already done. Putting extra effort in pleasing her will reveal a side of your personality that she is certain to like.

Getting a Woman to Notice You: Make Her Relax

Women need security and certainty. Dangerous and unpredictable men are exciting only for a short period of time or for a single night of pleasure. When it comes to feelings and eventually love, women need to feel a degree of confidence that “I love you” said today will remain unchanged tomorrow.

Show her that you are serious about your feelings. Be consistent. Refrain from making claims and denying them later on. Let her understand that she can lean on you. Be a friend, an advisor, an older brother and a potential lover all in one. Try to show her that you will be there for her no matter what.

Show Her How Unique She Is

The paradoxical thing about the female nature is that each woman knows there is no unique human being, yet each one wants to feel unique. Treat her like the best thing that has happened to you and she will be relaxed, flattered and comfortable in your company.

If you fancy a woman making her feel exceptional happens naturally. People who share liking for each other tend to neglect obvious flows and to spot virtue in the tiniest details. A woman who feels liked and attractive will be positively inclined towards the person making her feel that way.


The key to gaining the heart of your lady is listening. And listening means paying true attention. If you simply act interested, you will fail in your attempts to make her like you.

Pay close attention to her problems, passions and small daily stories. Next time you meet, inquire about something that she previously confided in you. Remembering the small things she told you will certainly change her attitude towards you. We live in a hectic, fast-moving world and people often lack the time to listen and understand the pains and victories of others. Spending those extra minutes on learning more about her will make the woman you like trust you and desire your company.

Remember the Details!

She told you that she likes chocolate ice cream. Bring her some next time you meet. She had a favorite toy when she was a kid. Try finding a similar one and surprise her.

Women love men who pay attention to details. Try to surprise her but in doing that take into consideration her wishes. Women are good on giving small hints. Try to decipher her messages and gestures. Learn how to surprise her intelligently.

A mixture of charm, intelligence and sense of humor will prove to be much more important than muscles once you try to make a woman like you. Act gently and confidently. Show her that you value her but that you also value yourself. Being moderate and flexible is the key.

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